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New Legislation (Grover Beach City Council)
The following are Ordinances adopted by the Grover Beach City Council, which may amend and be incorporated into the Grover Beach Municipal Code, and are not yet reflected in either print or digital versions of the Code.

Please Note: The Table of Contents for the Grover Beach Municipal Code is to be updated to incorporate changes as a result of amending Article IX Planning and Zoning Regulations now referred to as “the Development Code” (pursuant to Ordinance No. 12-06, adopted in October 2012 and Ordinance No. 14-04 adopted in July 2014). Cross references to Article IX in the Index and Ordinance Disposition List to the Municipal Code may therefore no longer be applicable,

Ordinance Number

      Code Section or Subject


Amending Article IX Development Code Associated with Development Permit 11-12 (Adopted: 07-21-14; re: Local Coastal Program Amendment)


Ordering the Submission of a General Obligation Bond Proposition to Voters of the City at the General Municipal Election on November 4, 2014, for the Acquisition, Construction, and Rehabilitation of Local Street Improvements  (Adopted: 07-21-14; re: Street Bonds, Measure K-14)


Amending Article X, Chapter 4 Pertaining to Card Table Licenses and Regulations (Adopted: 10-06-14)


Amending Article III Chapter 5 Adding Section 3552 (Menacing and Aggressive Animals) (Adopted: 10-20-14)


Amending Article III and Adding Chapter 18 to be Entitled “Solicitation in Public Places Controls and Prohibitions” (Adopted: 02-17-15)


Amending Article II Chapter 5 to Delete Section 2516 (Skate Park Facility Usage and Fines) and Add Chapter 4 to Article VI Section 6400 Skate Park Facility Usage to Allow the Use of Non-motorized Scooters in the South County Skate Park (Adopted: 06-15-15)


Amending Article X and adding Section 10304 to Grant a Pipeline Franchise and Assignment to Phillips 66 Pipeline LLC (Adopted: 08-17-15)


Amending Article III, Chapter 16 – Residency Requirements for Penal Code 290 Registrants (Adopted: 09-21-15)


Amending Article X, Chapter 4 Pertaining to Card Table Licenses and Regulations (Adopted: 11-02-15)


Amending Article III, Chapter 1.2 to Prohibit the Commercial Cultivation of Marijuana in Every Zone in the City Excepting Therefrom Cultivation for Medical Use by a Qualified Patient or Primary Caregiver and Amending Ban on Dispensaries (Adopted: 01-04-16)


Amending Article III, Chapter 11 to Amend Regulations Regarding Special Events and Outdoor Assemblies (Adopted: 02-16-16)


Amending Article III, Chapter 2.21, Article III, Chapter 17 and Article X, Chapter 4.20 Amending Regulations Incorporating Definitions and New Minimum Age Requirements for Tobacco Uses (Adopted: 09-16-16)


Amending Article VIII Adopting by Reference the 2016 California Building Code and Other Related State-mandated Codes (Adopted: 11-21-16)
 17-01 Amending Section 1.10.020 Zoning Map of Article IX to Change the Zoning Map from Retail Commercial (RC) to Central Business Open (CBO) Associated with Development Application 15-18 (1400 Ramona Avenue) (Adopted: 01-23-17)
 17-02 Repealing and Replacing in its Entirety Chapter 9 of Article III with a New Chapter Entitled “Massage Therapy Regulations" (Adopted: 01-23-17)

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