Oversight Board

Pursuant to Health & Safety Code Section 34179, commencing July 1, 2018, all Oversight Boards in the County of San Luis Obispo have been replaced by one Board managed by the County. Anyone can attend, watch or listen to Countywide Oversight Board meetings. To view meeting agendas and information, visit the 

Countywide Oversight Board (PDF) page.

About the Oversight Board to Successor Agency

The Oversight Board supervised the activities of the Successor Agency to the Dissolved Redevelopment Agency, and consisted of seven members representing the City of Grover Beach, the County of San Luis Obispo, and local education and special districts of the Redevelopment Project Area.

Duties & Responsibilities

The Dissolution Act required the Oversight Board to direct the Successor Agency (the City) in winding down the affairs of the dissolved Grover Beach Redevelopment Agency (RDA). The Oversight Board had a fiduciary responsibility to holders of enforceable obligations and the taxing entities that benefit from distributions of property tax and other revenues.

In addition to approving the Successor Agency's administrative budget, the Oversight Board adopted the Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule (ROPS) - the central document that identified the financial obligations of the former RDA. The actions of the Oversight Board were overseen by the State Department of Finance and were subject to disapproval or modification.

Fiscal Information - Recognized Obligation Payment Schedule (ROPS)