Frequently Asked Questions - Utility Online Payment Program

Question: Why am I charged a convenience fee of $4.00 when I use a credit card to pay my utility bill?
Answer: The fee is charged for the convenience of using a credit card to pay a utility bill (water/sewer) online with the City of Grover Beach. A convenience fee is common practice for many monetary transactions conducted over the Internet.

Question: When will my payment be received by the City when I pay by credit card?
: The City receives one batch of payments each morning. The cut off time for each credit card payment batch is the day before at 10:00 p.m. CENTRAL TIME. All payments received after that time are included in the group of payments sent to the City the following day. Please Note: If your account is due to receive a shut-off notice or has already received a shut-off notice and you have paid your utility bill by credit card, we strongly recommend that you contact the Administrative Services Department at City Hall to ensure that your payment has been received on time by calling (805) 473-4550.

For late or delinquent utility accounts: The online payment method is not recommended due to the time-sensitive nature of the credit card payment process. To avoid interruption in service and incurring reconnection fees, please make your payment in person prior to the date indicated on your shut-off notice.

Question: Is there a free alternative process to pay my utility bill electronically?
Answer: Yes! The City has offered a free electronic payment program for many years referred to as the "Auto Pay" or "ACH" Program. There is no charge for this service. On the due date of your utility bill, the amount you owe is automatically withdrawn from an account that you pre-designate. You sign up for this free program by filling out an Auto Pay enrollment form (PDF), attaching a voided check, and mailing it in or dropping it off at City Hall. It takes approximately two utility billing cycles for this service to be activated. Once enrolled and activated, we take care of processing your utility bill payment.

Question: Is the "Online Utility Payment" Program only for paying my utility bill online with a credit card?
: No. You can also use this online service to "go green" and receive an email notification when your utility bill is available to be viewed over the Internet. Viewing your bill online is convenient, environmentally friendly, and available 24/7!

Question: Which payment method is the most convenient?
Answer: You can decide which payment option best fits your needs: 

  1. Online credit card program offered through the City, which includes a convenience fee; 
  2. Online payment service offered through your own bank or credit union; 
  3. The "Auto Pay" or "ACH" Program, which incurs no additional processing fee; 
  4. In person - drop off your payment at City Hall by cash, check or money order (The Cashier window is open during regular business hours. A drop box is available for afterhour payments by check or money order); or
  5. By mail - send in a check or money order (please be sure to include your utility account number on the check or money order).