2018-2019 Budget

2018 - 2019 Budget Document

(A printed copy of the budget document is available during regular business hours at the customer service counter at City Hall.)

Budget Synopsis - The budget document offers a comprehensive plan and approach for the delivery of municipal services. It is the legal authority for the commitment of financial resources for providing municipal services within Grover Beach. The Grover Beach City Council adopted the FY 19 Budget on June 19, 2018. (Amendments to the budget are adopted as needed by the City Council.)

The Operating Budget for FY 19 (July 1, 2018 - June 30, 2019) totals $35,469,196 including transfers. The budget includes $11,410,250 in the General Fund, $6,310,572 in Enterprise Funds, $1,682,095 in Special Revenue Funds, and $16,066,279 in Capital Improvements.
City Overview
  City Manager's Adopted Budget Message
   City Manager's Letter of Transmittal

   City Council Goals
   Major City Goals Work Programs
   City Organization Chart
   Profile of Grover Beach
Financial Trends
   Financial Trends
   Employer Pension Contribution Rates
Budget Overview
   City Operating Budget
   CIP Project Budget
   Schedule of lnterfund Transfers
   Full Time Equivalents Personnel
Department Budgets
   City Manager's Office
   Administrative Services
   Community Development
   Public Works
   Parks & Recreation
Fund Information
   General Fund
   Special Revenue              
Capital Projects
   Revenue Funds
   Projected Revenue Summary
   Expenditure Summary by Project Category
   Executive Summary
   Completed Capital Projects
   Financial Policies
   Gann Appropriation Limit