2020 CDBG Funding

In June 2021, the State Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) awarded the City 2020 CDBG funds for the following:

Activity TitleDescriptionAmount
Water/Sewer ImprovementsWater line improvements at various locations throughout the City$2,586,467
Security DepositsPayment of a security deposit in order for a low- or moderate-income household to rent a housing unit.$126,590
Subsistence PaymentsPayment of rent, mortgage, and utilities for up to three months due to a financial hardship to prevent homelessness.$371,083

Project Status 

Waterline Improvements: JJ Fisher Construction, Inc. completed the work in spring 2022. 

Security Deposits and Subsistence Payments: The 5 Cities Homeless Coalition operates these programs. Please contact their staff at info@5chc.org or (805) 574-1638 for assistance. 

For additional information, please contact Janet Reese, Associate Planner at (805) 473-4524.