New Legislation (Grover Beach City Council)

The following are Ordinances adopted by the Grover Beach City Council, which may amend and be incorporated into the Grover Beach Municipal Code, and may not yet reflected in either print or digital versions of the Code.

Please Note: The Table of Contents for the Grover Beach Municipal Code is to be updated to incorporate changes as a result of amending Article IX Planning and Zoning Regulations now referred to as "the Development Code" (pursuant to Ordinance No. 12-06, adopted in October 2012 and Ordinance No. 14-04 adopted in July 2014). Cross references to Article IX in the Index and Ordinance Disposition List to the Municipal Code may therefore no longer be applicable.

Ordinance NumberCode Section or Subject
20-01 (PDF)Repealing and Adding Section 2700 of Chapter 7 of Article II, Administration (Adopted 3-16-2020; re: Removing the Posting of Ordinances in 3 Locations.)
20-02 (PDF)
An Ordinance Expressly Affirming Actions of the County of San Luis Obispo Related to the COVID-19 Pandemic as Applicable and Enforceable Within City Jurisdiction and Making Determinations Regarding the Proclaimed Local Emergency (Adopted 3-30-2020)
20-03 (PDF)An Urgency Ordinance  Authorizing the Administrative Services Director to Waive any Penalties and Interest for Late Payments of Transient Occupancy Tax Payments Received for February, March, April and May, 2020 until August 31, 2020; Further Authorize Waiver of Interest and Penalties on Failure to Pay Sewer and Water User Fees (Adopted: 3-30-2020)
20-04 (PDF)Amending Article III, Chapter 12, Section 3996 of the Grover Beach Municipal Code Pertaining to Fireworks Public Discharge Period (Adopted: 5-18-2020)
20-05 (PDF)An Urgency Ordinance Imposing Regulations to Protect Essential Workers Through the Use of Face Coverings to Prevent the Spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) (Adopted: 6-1-2020)
20-06 (PDF)Repealing Section 4.10.170 of Chapter 4 of Article IX Development Code, and Amending Sections 2.20.030, 2.20.040, of Chapter 2 of Article IX, Development Code, Amending Sections 3.50.040, 3.50.070 of Chapter 3 of Article IX, Development Code, Amending Section 4.10.030 and Section 4.10.185 and Adding New Section 4.10.015, Accessory Dwelling Units and 4.10.215, Tiny Homes on Residential Lots of Chapter 4 of Article IX Development Code, and Amending Section 9.10.020 of Chapter 9, of Article IX, Development Code (Adopted: 7-06-2020)
20-07 (PDF)An Urgency Ordinance Imposing Regulations to Protect the General Public through the Use of Face Coverings to Prevent the Spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) (Adopted: 7-06-2020)
20-08 (PDF)Amending the Zoning Map and Appendix A of Article IX, Development Code. (Adopted: 9-21-2020)
20-09 (PDF)Amending Article IX Development Code, Chapter 1, Section 1.10.020 Zoning Map and Appendix A Planned Development Overlay Zones.  (Adopted: 12-7-2020)
20-10 (PDF)Amending Section 101504, 101505 and 101506 of Chapter 15 to Article X Amending the Amount of a Transactions and Use Tax to be Administered by the State Board of Equalization.  (Adopted: 12-7-2020, re: 1% Sales Tax Approved by Measure F-20 in the November 3, 2020 General Election.
Ordnance NumberCode Section or Subject
19-01 (PDF)Amending Section 3221.1 of Article III, Chapter 2.21, and Sections 10420 and 10421 of Article X, Chapter 4.20, Amending Regulations Incorporating Definitions of Tobacco Paraphernalia (Adopted: 2-04-2019)
19-02 (PDF)Amending Section 1.20.060 of Chapter 1, Sections 2.30.030, 2.40.030, 2.80.020, and 2.90.030 of Chapter 2, Section 4.30.040 of Chapter 4, Subsection F of Section 6.20.020, Subsection F of Section 6.20.030, Subsection F of Section 6.20.060, Subsection F of Section 6.20.090, Section 6.30.060 of Chapter 6, and Section 9.10.020 of Chapter 9, of Article IX (Adopted: 3-04-2019)
19-03 (PDF)Authorizing the Implementation of a Community Choice Aggregation Program by Participating in Monterey Bay Community Power's Community Choice Aggregation Program (Adopted: 6-03-2019)
19-04 (PDF)Adding Sections 4.10.185, 6.20.075, 9.10.050, and Amending Sections 2.20.030, 2.30.030, 6.10.020, 6.30.080, and 9.10.020 of Article IX to Regulate Short-Term Rentals (Adopted: 6-17-2019)
19-05 (PDF)Amending Article IX Section 4.10.045 Subsection G to Revise Commercial Cannabis Development Standards (Adopted: 7-15-2019)
19-06 (PDF)Amending Chapter 18, Article III to Amend Sections 4000.20, 4000.40, 4000.160 and 4000.200 (Adopted: 7-15-2019 re: Regulatory Cannabis Ordinance)
19-07 (PDF)Amending Article III, Chapter 2.3, Regarding Regulations for Alarm Systems (Adopted: 9-3-2019)
19-08 (PDF)Repealing  and Replacing Chapter 5 (Abatement of Nuisances) of Article I (General Provisions) (Adopted: 7-15-2019)
19-09 (PDF)Repealing  Chapter 4 (Taxicabs) of Article III (Public Welfare, Morals and Conduct) and Adding a New Chapter 4 (Taxicabs and Transportation Network Companies) of Article III (Adopted: 9-3-2019)
19-10 (PDF)Repealing Section 3.60 of Chapter 3 of Article IX Development Code, and Adding a New Chapter of Article IX Development Code, and Adding, Section 9.10.050, Signage Definitions to Chapter 9, of Article IX, Development Code (Adopted: 10-07-2019)
19-11 (PDF)Amending Article VIII Adopting by Reference the 2019 California Building Standards Administrative Code, 2019 California Building Code, 2019 California Residential Code, 2019 California Electrical Code, 2019 California Mechanical Code, 2019 California Plumbing Code, 2019 California Energy Code, 2019 California Historical Building Code, 2019 California Fire Code, 2019 California Existing Building Code, 2019 California Green Building Standards Code, 2019 California Reference Standards Code and the 2018 International Property Maintenance Code with Local Amendments (Adopted: 11-18-2019)
19-12 (PDF)An Emergency Ordinance of the City Council of the City of Grover Beach, California Approving Just Cause Eviction Protections and Rental Rate Limits Effective Immediately (Adopted: 11-18-2019)