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Building Permit SubmitReady To Submit?

Ready to submit a building permit? Click Here for a building application. All building permit application, plans, and support documents may be electronically submitted to in PDF format. Please refer to our electronic submittal handout if you have questions on how to submit. Please see below for checklist to submit with your application.

Need to Know What To Submit? Use a Checklist!

The Community Development Department has streamlined its review process  to assist property owners, developers, and others. City staff has revamped our checklists to better assist and prepare applicants to submit all required documents to obtain a building permit.

Category Type
Types of Projects
Estimated Time Frame Review
OTCOver The CounterElectrical panel replacements and upgrade, heater/furnace replacement, re-roofs, replacement of water/gas lines, exterior siding, dry-wall replacementSame DayOTC Checklist
QuickQuickSigns, window replacements, replacement decks/patios/porch, retaining walls / fences above 7 feet, change of occupancy, solar permits, ev chargers5 business daysQuick Permit Checklist
PV/Solar Permit Checklist
EV Charger Permit Checklist
MinorInterior residential remodels, residential conversions, residential roof decks, commerical interior tenant improvements that involve no structural work (i.e. structural calculations or a structural engineer)5 business daysMinor Permit Checklist
MajorMajorNew residential units, ADUs, new commerical/industrial shell buildings, residential or commerical additions, commerical cannabis, encroachment permits, accessory structures, new decks/patios/and pergolas, rooftop decks, conversion and tenant improvements that require structural improvements.15 business daysMajor Permit Checklist

Building Permit Review Process

The building permit review process is similar for all application types. Please see the flow chart below that explains the building permit process.

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