Commerical Cannabis Permits-FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

QWhere can I operate a commercial cannabis business?
A: The City allows commercial cannabis business in all three of its industrial zones: Industrial (I) Zone, Coastal Industrial (CI) Zone, and Coastal Industrial Commercial (CIC) Zone
(Please see the City of Grover Beach Zoning Map (PDF) or use our interactive zoning map (Google Maps))

Q: Are there any special setback requirements from residential uses or schools? A: Yes. There are minimum setback requirements. Please see Section 4.10.045.F of Ordinance No. 17-05 (PDF).
Q: If my cannabis business is located outside of the City limits, may I make cannabis deliveries within the City of Grover Beach? A: Yes. The City does not regulate cannabis uses that operate outside of the City limits and make deliveries within Grover Beach.

Q: How many Use Permits does my business need? 
A: A Use Permit is required for each applicant on a lot. For example, an applicant may propose cultivation and manufacturing, which only requires one Use Permit.

Q: How many Commercial Cannabis Permits does my business need? 
A: A Commercial Cannabis Permit is required for each license required by the State. For example, an applicant proposing both cultivation and manufacturing would require two Commercial Cannabis Permits.

Links to Additional Information

California state laws regarding Medical Marijuana: Health and Safety Code Section 11362.7 – 11362.83

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