Stormwater System

The Public Works Department manages the City's drainage system, which includes inlets, storm drains, manholes, drainage, basins, and other flood control infrastructure.  The Public Works Department also ensures compliance with regional and state regulations associated with stormwater management.

Stormwater Master Plan

The City’s Stormwater Master Plan was updated in 2005 to identify necessary capital improvements to meet drainage demands over a planning horizon. The City completed several of the recommended projects since the plan’s adoption and has several other projects identified for completion soon.

Stormwater Management Program

The Federal Clean Water Act requires that Grover Beach implement a Stormwater Management Program to reduce pollutants from entering waterways. Grover Beach is somewhat unique in that only small portions of the City are served by drainage infrastructure that terminates in a waterbody or watercourse. The majority of properties in Grover Beach drain to retention facilities or to natural impoundments created by construction of the railway and State Highway 1 (Pacific Coast Highway). 

Regulations are in place to control runoff and to cause runoff generated by on-site impervious surfaces to be retained and infiltrated. These regulations were implemented to control flooding caused by the lack of structures outletting to natural watercourses.  These requirements also have a secondary benefit of retaining runoff on-site and allowing for natural filtration of stormwater as it infiltrates in localized retention basins.

The quality of domestic water drawn from shallow wells by the City of Grover Beach is a testament to the ability of soils underlying the City to effectively filter contaminants from infiltrated runoff and to the effectiveness of measures already in place to control runoff. View the City’s Water Quality Report here.

Stormwater User Guide

Private development projects are subject to the City’s stormwater regulations. Specifically, Grover Beach Development Code Sections 5.50 and 5.60 detail requirements for all projects. Click here to review the City’s Stormwater User Guide.

Caltrans Design Guidance Documents

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) maintains a project planning and design guide that can be referenced for need and feasibility analysis for incorporating Best Management Practices (BMPs) into projects within the Caltrans Right-of-Way.  Much of this is applicable in the City’s Right-of-Way. Click here to review the Stormwater Quality Handbook.

Caltrans also has an underground stormwater chamber design guidance document which provides useful design guidance to professionals.  Much of this information is applicable for projects in the City.  Click here to review the Caltrans UG Infiltration Chamber Design Guidelines.

Stormwater Code Compliance

Code violations are handled by Code Compliance. To report a suspected stormwater code violation, please complete the Code Compliance Complaint Form.

Sandbag Fill Station

The Public Works Department maintains a sandbag fill station for residents to use ahead of storm events.   The station can be found in front of the City's Corporation Yard at 1150 Farroll Avenue in Grover Beach.  Click here for more information regarding the Sandbags Fill Station Program.

Best Management Practices and Pest Management

Looking for guidance on Best Management Practices (BMPs) or Less Toxic Pest Management? Please see the Documents and Forms page for more information.

Existing Utility Information

If you are looking for record information on City-owned water, wastewater, or stormwater utilities, please email or call Public Works at (805) 473-4530.