Business Tax Certificates

Operational Requirement

The City of Grover Beach requires all businesses operating within Grover Beach to have a current business tax certificate. Business tax certificate payments are due by January 1 of each year.

Before You Apply

By itself, the business tax certificate does not make your business legal. You must also secure any permits that are required by the city and meet various zoning requirements.

Before you make any significant business commitments, sign a lease, purchase inventory, or take out an ad in the Yellow Pages, please check with the Community Development Department. You may find that a permit is needed for your business, that special requirements exist, or that your business might be illegal to operate at the location you have in mind.

Applying for a Business Tax Certificate

After visiting the Community Development Department, the next step is to fill out the Business Tax Certificate Application form, which may be obtained from the Administrative Services Department. Your business tax certificate fee will be paid when you submit your application to the Administrative Services Department, located at 154 South Eighth Street.

If your business will be located in a Commercial building, you are required to have a fire inspection done.  Please complete the fire inspection checklist and return along with the Business Tax Certificate application.  The fire inspection fee is $135.00 plus an Admin fee of $34.00.

Any new business that pertains to the sale of food or beverage, must obtain a Health Permit before the Business Tax Certificate process can start. Please bring a copy of your Health Permit when applying for your Business Tax Certificate. If you have any questions regarding the Health Permit process, please contact the County of San Luis Obispo Health Services Division at (805) 781-5544.

If, after turning in your Business Tax Certificate Application, you decide not to operate your business, please let us know. Remember, Business Tax Certificates are renewed annually, so be sure to renew at the end of each calendar year.

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If you have any questions or need more information, please contact Administrative Services Director Nick Szamet at (805) 473-4550, or email